Tears of Steel Health & Fitness (online)

NEVER be ashamed of tears. If you cry because you’re sad, I will be sad with you while lifting you up. If you cry because you’re happy then I am happy too. If you cry because something touches your heart, it touches mine and makes me love you more. This is why we are TEARS of STEEL!

I have a Facebook health/fitness bootcamp starting on 8/4/2019. The cost is $25 per month ( 3 months total) and includes nutrition classes (held on Sunday evening or available in the group the next day), recipes, exercises, and motivation!

This first group is made up of women romance readers and is exclusive to women (if you’re a guy, you need to hit my husband over the head to get started) and will have some nice man pics and book talk thrown in. I’m a USA TODAY Bestselling Romance Author and these are my peeps. It’s time to get everyone healthy!

Email me at SDwithdebbie@yahoo.com for more information