Green Juice Smoothy

We live for these and use them as a meal replacement and also as a treat at night when we fast.

Start with my maintenance green juice recipe here to make the smoothie yummy and packed with nurtrients.

We freeze old bananas by the quart bag full  and also freeze fruit before it goes bad so we can put it in our smoothies. We’ve tried everything from mango to watermelon. My favorite is wild blueberry because it’s so good for my tummy.


2 cups green juice

2 inches frozen banana (we cut them into 1 inch sections before freezing)

1 cup fruit (the green smoothie below has strawberry. The purple is blueberry)


Mix all ingredients together in a blender or Ninja and enjoy. I like mine frozen and thicker. My husband likes his a little runnier. Fix it the way you like it.

*Side note: My granddaughter Shaylee does not like these. She’d rather drink her green juice on its own but the other grandkids love it.