Grain Free Soft Tortillas

I simply love these wraps and use them for tofu scramble burritos, in place of bread, and simply as a quick snack all by themselves. Ingredients   Spinach Wrap 1 cup chick pea flour 1/2 cup tapioca flour Handful of spinach, washed 1 1/8 cups water **Teflon pan (You must have a good Teflon pan … Continue reading Grain Free Soft Tortillas

Shaylee Cinnamon Rolls

Grain Free, gluten free, kid approved, yummy These cinnamon rolls are named after my granddaughter because after her detox I asked her what the one food she missed the most after being diagnosed with Celiac at age 6. Her answer: Cinnamon rolls. I told her that was an easy one because I could make them. … Continue reading Shaylee Cinnamon Rolls

How to Destroy a Lemon with Black Mold

My granddaughter, Shaylee, with Celiac Disease has an upset stomach today. On the search to discover the cause, I came across this article about citric acid. You know, that natural stuff that comes out of fruit. It's no longer natural and it's no longer made from fruit. Try black mold because we all want to … Continue reading How to Destroy a Lemon with Black Mold

Start from scratch

Welcome to our journey! This has been a family and friends adventure to health. There are so many people involved in our search for a healthy life from grandchildren to people I meet at the store when buying our vegetables and I can't thank them enough. I follow so much of what the Medical Medium says … Continue reading Start from scratch