Shopping List

This is a picture of our fridge. I would be embarrassed to show you what it looked like before. Yeah, the beer was still there but the fruit and veggies were limited to their drawer. Now they take up our entire fridge. We actually have trouble making room for everything we need for green juice but we manage. It takes awhile to collect all these ingredients and I didn’t do it overnight. I’ll post a link if it’s not purchased from the local grocery store. I’m all about the best product at the best price.

I’ll update the list as I think of items:

*used in green juice **put at the top of your list

**Almond flour (blanched & unblanched)

Arrowroot starch




**Coconut oil I use large quantities for lotion and soap so I buy large

**Flax Seed (egg replacement & used in everything I bake)

**Garlic (whole)

Ginger (whole root)




**Olive oil

**Quinoa (super food, also a grain but 1 of 2 we eat)


Sweet potatoes (used to make grandma candy and other things)

Tapioca starch

Tofu (organic only) don’t freak, tofu is cream cheese made from soy so get over it 😉