My family’s Story

Our story begins in 1961, the year we were born. By we, I mean my husband and I. We are six months apart in age and in October 2019, we celebrate 40 years of marriage. We essentially grew up together and became fat together. It just so happens 1961 was the beginning of the processed food revolution and we led the way without even knowing it. Our story also includes our family, three daughters and ten grandchildren.

Debbie (me) – I’ve struggled with weight issues since I was sixteen years old. It was also the year I gave birth to our oldest daughter. Before that, I was an active teen who loved french fries and anything baked and though I never thought of myself as thin, I maintained a good weight. After having my daughter, my workouts became changing diapers and picking up toys. I could no longer eat anything I wanted and burn the excess calories. At eighteen, I gave birth to our second child and at twenty-seven, our third. From then on my dream became seeing any weight under 165 pounds on the scale. It took thirty years to discover the secret.

Tim (my husband) – Due to family circumstances, my mostly healthy husband took an unhealthy nose dive in his forties. He  stopped exercising, gained weight, and was eventually diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. He took control of his weight and started eating healthier at least according to the National Diabetes Association. Unfortunately (my opinion only here), their goal is to keep you on insulin and not cure you. For several years Tim controlled his diabetes without insulin but then he started to slip. In 2013, he lost weight, muscle mass, and generally felt horrible. He’s a stubborn man who hates doctors and refused to face the fact he was killing himself. One day he came home and said he needed me to drive him to the local urgent care. They sent him straight to the emergency room and he was immediately admitted to the hospital with a blood sugar level over 500, dangerously high blood pressure and cholesterol. It was also 3 days before our 34th wedding anniversary. On our anniversary, he came home with three types of insulin which equated to five shots daily and additional insulin in pill form, high cholesterol medication, and blood pressure medicine.

Amanda (our middle daughter) – Amanda has struggled with her weight since the birth of her first child just like her mom. After four kids and a long-time foot problem (Plantar fasciitis) became unbearable she knew she needed to change. As the unhealthiest of my three daughters, she had no interest in healthy eating for two reasons: Money was an issue and it’s expensive to eat healthy. The other reason… time. Four kids means no life because the kids come first. In 2018, her pain became unbearable and she was placed in a boot. This was after steroid injections which gave little relief. On May 22, 2018, she called me in tears and said she could no longer handle the pain and was willing to do anything.

Shaylee (granddaughter) – Shaylee was a cute, vivacious child who threw tantrums, told her mother almost every day she hated her, and complained about her stomach constantly. When she was five, her mother took her back to the doctor for advanced testing and they discovered she had Celiac disease. Taking Shaylee off gluten made a world of difference in her attitude and she became a loving child which was a 360 degree turn around on her attitude. Unfortunately, after two and a half years her stomach still hurt and her Celiac numbers barely dropped.

Debbie – Several years ago, I attended a conference and noticed extreme fatigue. By this time we had eaten a clean Paleo diet for three years. I went home and the fatigue persisted along with an upset stomach and a strange taste in my mouth. My symptoms worsened and extreme short term memory loss set in. It was so bad I couldn’t finish a complete sentence without losing my train of thought. I couldn’t remember conversations or people. I was diagnosed with ulcers and possible H-Pylori. With one positive test and one negative (normal for this test), I was treated with prescription antacids and two strong antibiotics. My symptoms improved until about a week after the 21-day cycle of antibiotics stopped. I declined to a point where I could barely get out of bed or lift my head from the pillow. After a year, I was tired of the fight and completely lost my will to live. It’s strange because I’m a fighter but the illness took everything out of me. I knew I was dying and I started writing letters to my children for them to read after I died. The letter to my husband would be the last one I wrote. Thankfully, I never started that final letter.

Tim – While taking five insulin injections a day, he put on 40 pounds in the first two months. His muscles started aching all the time and he felt worse than he had before going to the hospital. The specialist was no help. He took Tim off the cholesterol medication and then the high blood pressure meds thinking they were causing the pain. This didn’t help and Tim began pacing the floors at night with unbearable pain and no answers. After a particularly frustrating visit with his doctor, we knew the medical profession had no answers and our new quest for answers began. On a google search for diabetic pain matching my husband’s symptoms, after clicking more than one hundred “next page” of listings, I ran across a diabetes forum where a man described my husband’s pain exactly. The man said insulin was no longer produced from bovine, it was now man-made and was genetically engineered. After his doctors switched him from the bovine insulin without our knowledge, pain became a way of life and he felt he was dying. Under this post, over twenty others complained of the same symptoms. Their problem and my husband’s was an allergic reaction to man-made insulin. At the time, the doctors denied this was even possible. After weeks of research, we changed our entire lifestyle and became Paleo. Within four months Tim was off all insulin and feeling better than he had in years. We took all grains and processed foods out of our diet. Eating healthy (or so we thought) became our way of life in order to keep Tim alive.

Debbie – Declining rapidly, I read a Facebook post by a woman who suffered nearly the exact symptoms as me. I contacted her and we compared notes. By this time, I’d stopped taking everything the doctor prescribed and was trying natural remedies. We shared our therapies and tried, to no avail, to cure ourselves. After several months, she contacted me and told me she found a man (the Medical Medium) and thought I needed to listen to him. I did and it changed my life.

Tim – Paleo and exercise held Tim’s blood sugar below 150. This remains a seriously high number and constant blood monitoring, hiking 50 miles a week, and eating carefully held the inevitable back. I worried constantly about what we would do when diet and exercise no longer worked. We both managed to make clean, non-processed foods taste good. I spread the Paleo diet benefits to everyone who asked. We rarely ate out, ate no sugar, and prepared all of our meals from scratch. Paleo was our way of life.      

Debbie – I was too sick to do more than make it to the bathroom. Climbing our stairs (we live on the side of a mountain) was a chore and I knew it was only a matter of time before I would be unable to leave the house at all. Not that I wanted to. My will to do anything more than lay in bed and suffer was completely gone. I listened to my first Medical Medium pod cast in rapt fascination. What he said made sense. He proposed one glass of freshly made celery juice each morning on an empty stomach one hour before other food was consumed. At this point anything was worth a try. According to the Medical Medium I suffered from a fatty liver which compromised my immune system and my body was unable to heal itself. The high fat protein of the Paleo diet clogged my liver. His treatment would take approximately three to six months.

That same day, during a phone call with my youngest daughter, Brittany (Shaylee’s mother) she said if I were going to try juicing celery, I should watch Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, the movie. I watched it as soon as I hung up the phone and then I watched the followup film. With hope in my heart, I told Tim we were doing a 10-day green juice fast to cure me. His reply, “Have fun with that, there’s no way.” Funny thing is, I’m stubborn. “You mean after I gave up all the food I love for you, you won’t do this with me?” I won and over the week of Thanksgiving, we began our 10-day green juice fast. I had hope that it wouldn’t take six months if I completely detoxed my body.

Day 1: Me – Hungry and moody. Tim – “You’re killing me.”

Day 2: Me – Extremely hungry, little energy, and not feeling so good. Tim – “I can’t do this. I feel awful. With diabetes you need to eat regularly. I’m too exhausted to exercise and I need to exercise for my diabetes.”

Day 3: Me – woke up feeling great though I smelled a funny odor throughout our house and it was driving me crazy. Tim – Came downstairs with green juice in hand. “I feel incredible. Not just incredible but better than I’ve felt in years. There’s got to be crack in this stuff. I think I’m going for a hike this morning.”

Days 4 & 5: Both of us felt wonderful and continued drinking our green juice. It was like a fog lifted and we were seeing the world in a different way.

Day 6: I crashed hard. The smell that continued to drive me crazy was actually coming from my pores. I was unable to get out of bed and drank maybe half the green juice I needed. The poisons infecting my body were at war with the green juice. Tim – Worried for me. He could now smell the putrid odor coming from my skin.

Day 7: A new me was born. I felt great. Though still tired, my stomach felt wonderful and I had energy as long as I didn’t overdue it (that was really hard after being sick for over a year).

Day 8, 9, & 10: We continued to improve. Our craving for anything non-vegetable went completely away. We dreamed of salads. I dreamed that I might actually be cured. Tim’s blood sugar dropped to 110 for the first time in years and stayed there.

Everyday since: Green juice for breakfast, green juice smoothie (with frozen bananas & wild blueberries) for lunch. A clean healthy dinner and always a yummy dessert.

Debbie –  My final diagnosis after listening to the Medical Medium and asking my doctor to check me was Shingles in my stomach lining. It was caused by a fatty liver unable to do its job and keep me healthy. In February, three months after our fast, I joined a local gym. I had too much energy to sit at home all day and write (my day job is that of a full-time writer). One year before, I weighed 205 pounds and was a size 18. After my year-long illness I weighed 175 pounds and was down to a size 14. I started slowly, exercising for about 45-minutes, three days a week, before I became too tired. Fast forward a month and I was working out five days a week for an hour and a half, down ten pounds, and feeling better than I had in years. My ulcers remained a problem and if I ate certain foods they reacted. I continued the green juice and kept improving. I also began green juice fasting 3 days at the beginning of each month. Six-months later, I was down to 135 pounds and wearing a size 6.

Tim – Three months post fasting, he stopped checking his blood sugar which tested at 90 anytime he pricked his finger and ran his blood through the glucose meter. He continued to hike and added working out at the gym. He lost a total of 40 pounds and felt better than he could remember. He refers to green juice as his crack and eats vegetables which were always something he detested. He cut his meat intake in half and felt even better. From improved eyesight to a lack of joint pain, he became a new man.

Amanda – “Mom, I need help.” Those words started her journey. After watching Fat Sick and Nearly Dead 1 & 2, she decided on a drastic 30-day green juice fast. While cooking for her four children and husband, Amanda drank green juice 24/7. She began her journey weighing 243 pounds. On day 17, the pain in her foot reduced 80% and she was down 18 pounds. Just talking to her on the phone was delightful. My daughter began changing her entire family’s diet and told them when she was fixed, she was coming after them. She finished her 30-day fast on July 1, 2018 with 31 pounds lost and her foot feeling much better.

Shaylee – She ended her second grade school year with constant complaints that her stomach hurt and her Celiac numbers high. The side effects of Celiac  increase chances for cancer, kidney failure, type 1 diabetes, and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I knew if we could do a 3-day green juice fast/cleanse, we could help her. This is a big step for any mom. I was talking about an 8-year-old and the thought was extremely hard on my daughter. Shaylee however, wanted to try. With her incredible doctor’s blessings, I picked Shaylee up from her house on Thursday June 21, 2018. On Friday we began our fast and Tim joined us. I kept a food journal throughout her journey so we could see what foods caused trouble when we finished the fast.

Day 1: Hungry and her tummy not feeling well. Her disposition remained incredibly positive. Drank celery juice in the morning (a struggle for her to get it down) and green juice throughout the day, and a green juice smoothie for dinner (frozen bananas and wild blueberries blended with green juice)

Day 2: Vomiting first thing in the morning. Sick to her stomach constantly. Had trouble drinking green juice and water. What went in came up. I told her that her tummy was battling the bad stuff and she needed to stick with it. We had a very rough day and I wondered if we were doing the right thing. There is literally no info on detoxing children. Shaylee’s mother was upset she was doing so badly and her father thought maybe we should stop. Did I mention I’m a stubborn grandma?

Day 3: Sick to her stomach first thing in the morning. My daughter sent me a couple of links about detox in general and I decided to try home remedies. One: Epson salt bath to open pores so the body can release toxins. Two: Castor oil pack on her liver/belly to help her liver work and quickly remove toxins. After the bath, I tried the castor oil. I poured it on a cut up soft T-shirt and placed it on her belly, lay a towel over it, and placed a heat pack on top. I set an alarm for one hour. When the timer went off, I had a new granddaughter on my hands and she said her tummy felt great. We had a rough patch when she didn’t want to drink her green juice because she said it made her sick. Grandma won again and with the help of a dollar a day bribe if she wouldn’t argue over drinking her juice, she slugged it down.

Day 4 & 5: Shaylee’s stomach didn’t hurt at all and we slowly added one to two new foods each day. I asked her to tell me how she felt on a scale of 1 to 5 (thinking more might be beyond her age). Her reply, “On a scale from 1 to 10 grandma, my tummy is a 10.”

We fed her natural, non-processed foods; fruit, vegetables, and nuts along with her celery and green juice. Her belly stayed at a 10.

Day 6 through 14: No stomach problems at all. We gave her homemade organic popcorn (a grain that we don’t eat) with butter and salt. We made Paleo ice cream with bananas, pure maple syrup, and organic chocolate chips. Chicken fingers made in our air fryer using almond flour for the crust. By the end of the second week, she’d eaten Kosher hot dogs, grilled hamburgers, Non-nitrate lunch meat, and Paleo cinnamon rolls. She told me her belly felt better than she could ever remember it feeling. Shaylee began asking me for green juice and more green juice. I told her she would eventually eat something that bothered her belly and when that happened she needed to go back to a day or two of simply green juice. Shaylee is a complete convert. She’s still Celiac but we know she’s improving and will continue to improve with green juice in her daily diet. Even at the young age of eight, Shaylee grasped the concept of why green juice is so good for her and how it made her heal.

Tim – Continues to feel amazing. He’s decided to do my monthly fasts with me because after fasting with Shaylee he felt better than he had in months and hadn’t realized how his small cheats were stacking up against him. He continues to eat a mostly Paleo diet but now fruit and vegetables are 60% of his diet and clean food the other 40%.

Debbie – I feel better than I have in thirty years. I work out two hours a day, teach a self-defense classes, and I’m ready to add a nighttime workout with my daughter Amanda which we will do using Facetime. Great health has become my savior and I’m never going back. I’ve added orange/ginger juice each morning and it’s ended all my old lady aches and pains.

The simple green juice answer: The human body reacts to green juice (no pulp) like it reacts to water because the juice is naturally 80% water. The body absorbs it like water and cleans out your organs while also filling them full of healthy micro-nutrients. These micro-nutrients heal/help everything from pain, belly problems, diabetes, cancer, Celiac, rheumatoid arthritis, and the list goes on.

January 2019 Update: We are even bigger green juice fanatics today than we once were. It’s a way of life now and we’re fully addicted. I no longer think about my weight which has been the most freeing thing in my life. Tim is the same. Two years ago I went vegan and it’s changed me even more. Death equals dead and I want to live. Tim is still an omnivore but he’s eating my food more and more and actually enjoys my veggie burgers better than a real BBQ burger. In two weeks both Tim and I will be certified trainers. Our goal is to eventually open a health/self-defense club. Before that happens we plan to build our clientele with private personal training in our newly remodeled gym at home. I’m also teaching private self-defense lessons and have built a good starting clientele. Hopefully, sometime this year, The Healthy Grandma will go live with a YouTube Channel. We’ve converted our full custom bar into a juice bar/kitchen with lights and camera. Our brains are very busy bees.

THE BIG NEWS! We have a sponsor and are working out the details to bring someone into our home for 30 days and change their life with green juice and healthy eating. We will be covering all medical and travel expenses too. It’s going to be an incredible undertaking but I’m so darned excited and can’t wait to announce more about it. We’re thinking a contest at this point.

Shaylee: She is doing fantastic. She remains celiac but her belly is so improved and it’s amazing to see.

Amanda: She had a little backslide but she’s back at it and doing wonderfully. Her foot pain is a thing of the past. The green juice and continued anti-inflammatory diet have done the trick that all the injections, boots and pills wouldn’t.

July 2019 Update

Tim and I are going back to school after the first of the year to begin working on our Ph.D in Nutritional Science. I had a minimum goal of 5 clients for nutrition help with a max of 20. I met with my 15th client today. Beginning soon, I’ll be teaching a nutrition class and teaching those in need how to shop, read labels, understand hidden ingredients, cook from scratch, make green juice, and the list goes on. I’m really excited about it.

Body building is one of my new passions and I’ve learned so much about the science of weight loss and building muscle. I now do things I could do when I was 20 years old. Tim and I no longer worry about poor health and have an incredible new lease on life with endless energy. We started a heavy metal detox we call our seaweed smoothie. It’s a 6 month detox while we eat our normal clean diet. We’ve seen an amazing side effect with our skin. The dark circles under our eyes are all but gone and the dark spots on my face have faded to the point of almost being unseen. 2 months ago I slathered foundation on my face and now I need none. We had no idea the detox would help our skin so much. As far as the heavy metals leaving our bodies, the jury is out until the end of the 6-months. I have a feeling seaweed, spiralina, and barley grass powder will forever be in our diets even when the fast is over. If you told me I would ever drink something that tasted like blueberry fish and enjoy it, I would have known you were crazy. Maybe we are but I can guarantee we’re healthy!

The biggest thing I want to impart is that we did this without surgery, weight loss pills, shots, etc. or fad diets. This is a Lifestyle Change. If someone is selling you the miracle health/diet cure for money, drop in and see me again to get your head on straight. With a good juicer and blender you can save yourself!

2020 Update coming soon 🙂

That’s our journey!

When will you start yours?