Micro-nutrients and Why You Need Them

Are you overweight, sluggish, not feeling exactly right, have an autoimmune disease, and/or depressed?

Micro-nutrients are one of the key health components missing from your diet!

The simple fact is your body will search to find the nutrients it needs from everything you consume. When it doesn’t find what it must have to survive, it activates your internal hunger mechanism (chemicals and hormones in the body) to make you hungry again so it can find the nutrients it needs. This begins your daily food cycle that causes you to be overweight and all the assorted problems that go with it. Unfortunately, we continue the same horrible diet practices but expect to heal because we’re told certain foods are healthy (even when they aren’t). If you continue putting bad food in, you will continue to starve, gain weight, feel poorly, and cause further harm to your body. Your body is an incredible machine and it’s made to keep you functioning even in toxic environments. Processed food is toxic. Maybe you don’t quite understand so it’s worth repeating… Processed foods are toxic!

I live by the simple rule that if you need to read a label, you don’t need to eat that food. Simple, right?

No. More like overwhelming.

I get it. My husband and I didn’t change overnight.

It actually took more than five years. What matters is that you start!

How to get started…

Step One: Each part of my journey started with cleaning out my refrigerator and pantry of all bad foods. I eat 2 grains – organic quinoa & teff (super grains). What needs to go first: Wheat (yes whole wheat, ground wheat, honey wheat), corn, rice, oats, etc.) Get rid of those grains!

Why: Grains leach our bodies of vital nutrients and overall, in the mass consumer food industry, grains have nothing of value in them. What they do have is wasted calories that cause an entire epidemic of health problems and they are addictive. Bottom line, you are a grain addict. Please take the time to read this article about grains.

Step One, continued: Most canned foods need to go. Check the label for added salt, the food packed in anything but water, and extra ingredients that have nothing to do with what’s in the can.

Let’s break down the list of ingredients in Hormel chili (click each separate link to find out why you don’t want it in your food). When I make chili at home it consists of chili, hot peppers, garlic, and onion powder, one chopped onion, beans, meat (added to my husband’s portion) and cooked tomatoes. The ingredients in Hormel chili consist of the items I mention above (there’s is made from dehydrated plants not fresh) along with citric acid (black mold), cornstarch, calcium chloride (risks for handling and a good reason why you don’t want it in your food), and flavoring (why you don’t need it)

I’m really not trying to pick on Hormel. Just about every canned food has hidden items that you had no idea were harmful or didn’t fully understand how harmful they are. Finding even organic tomato paste without citric acid (black mold) isn’t easy. Also many canned foods have hidden food binders in them similar to gluten but they are not natural and the body doesn’t know how to handle them.

Step One Continued: Now it’s time to get rid of the snacks. Chips, cookies, sugar. Think anything in a package that you need to read a label on. For example, we use a lot of pure maple syrup to sweeten our desserts. When I look at the label it says “Pure Maple Syrup” that’s it. I also know how maple sugar is extracted and produced. When you read the label on sugar, it will say “Sugar” what you don’t know is what it takes to make white table sugar. It begins with hot water to extract sucrose from the sugar cane or beets. The next step is to clarify (clean) the solution with Milk of Lime/Calcium Hydroxide. Basically, the table sugar you consume has no health benefit whatsoever.

Chips derived from wheat and corn are also a huge problem. Corn products in the USA are 90% genetically modified. If that doesn’t bother you, you might need to know that the corn is modified to make the predator’s stomach explode. Cows are also “fattened” with GMO corn but can only eat it for 90 days before their stomach’s explode. Think Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, Gallstones, Celiac Disease, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and the list goes on. It also causes e coli in cows which in turn passes to humans. Please rethink corn and grains in general along with corn fed beef if you are inclined to eat meat!

Step One Simplified: Throw away just about everything!

Step Two: Shop Healthy (I’ll be updating this section continually and it’s on a separate page)

Step Three: Incorporate green juice into your life every single day! Your body desperately needs micro-nutrients and the best way to get them in is to eliminate the fiber (your body needs fiber to slow digestion but eliminating it from green juice allows it to go directly where it’s needed most) and drink green juice prepared in your kitchen so you know everything in it. 8 to 16 ounces a day will change your life!

This is a lot to take in and I’m sure you are overwhelmed. My suggestion is research, research, research. I also offer my services to help you start a new healthy kitchen if you need me. I charge $25 per hour* and as long as you have a phone or laptop computer where we can video chat, I can go through your cabinets and help you eliminate as well as shop. Email me at sdwithdebbie@gmail.com for questions to think this is the help you need.

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