Getting Started on a New You

Starting may be the hardest part!

I remember siting on the couch and watching The Biggest Loser thinking I needed to get in shape. I’d have another chip and feel guilty. Then I’d grab more chips until half the bag was gone. It never occurred to me that the food I ate had chemicals in it that kept me addicted to all the bad foods in my life.

Fasting with green juice ended my food addiction but not everyone can or will fast and that’s okay. Adding green juice into your diet without fasting will still help your body. It’s a slower process but every day your body will thank you.

Without fasting:

Drink 1 cup of green juice on an empty stomach and don’t eat for one-hour. You can drink water if you need it. You want to allow those healthy micro-nutrients to travel through your liver and kidneys and give your body everything it needs. You can drink green juice throughout the day whenever you need a boost. We don’t drink it after 6 at night because the boost keeps us from sleeping. You need to make green juice part of your daily life. My biggest fear is traveling without my juice. I return home listless and exhausted. When I’m able to travel with juice, I’m revitalized when I return home. The difference is always GREEN JUICE!

Fasting with green juice:

You seriously need to watch Fat Sick and Nearly Dead with Joe Cross. You also need to talk to your doctor. I’m not a fan of the medical profession but if you have liver, kidney, or other serious health conditions, fasting may not be for you. That’s okay because just drinking green juice as part of your daily regimen will be a huge boost.

If you decide to fast it helps to start detoxing your body by cutting down on sugar, caffeine, and process foods a week before you start. You also want to have Epson salt and castor oil on hand to help with detox symptoms.

Day one isn’t bad but day two sucks so be prepared to bite off the head of anyone who looks at you sideways. Day three was our miracle day but many need to wait until day four. For us on day three the hunger went away, our head fog cleared (from a life-time of bad foods), and we felt incredible.

Then day six hit. I was bedridden for 24-hours while my body cleared out the toxins and the green juice went to battle with my illness. My husband never went through extreme detox but since day three he hasn’t suffered a single diabetic symptom.

Detox can hit in many ways or not at all.

Mine leached out my pores and made me feel weak and sick to my stomach. My 8-year-old granddaughter was violently sick to her stomach. My neighbor had horrible diarrhea. We all suffered different forms of detox for 24-hours and then it was over. If your symptoms last longer contact your doctor.

Relief: pour one cup Epson salt in a warm bath and soak to open pores and help the toxins leave your body. Using an old rag liberally pour castor oil on it, place on lower belly, cover with hand towel and apply heat pad over it for one hour. This activates the liver and helps it cleanse your body. It’s important to drink water and green juice if you can keep the juice down. Small sips if needed.

I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat now… I am not a doctor. Our bodies are all different. The length of your fast is up to you and your health. Ten days did it for me but I still fast three days every month. My daughter went 30 days. She never detoxed but her pain lessened 80% after 17 days. Our illnesses and bodies are different. Read my page Detox and Maintenance for links to other documentaries. I also highly recommend you listen to The Medical Medium’s Podcast about fasting.

Another solution that will help your journey is doing this with a friend or loved one. I highly recommend it.

It took three months after fasting and keeping green juice in my daily diet before I was healed enough to begin an exercise program. Once I started there’s been no stopping me. From my eyesight to the incredible healing power for things like cuts and burns, my body changes every month I’m on green juice. Yours can too but do it healthy so you’re happy with the new you.