Celiac & Diabetes Coaching

As I work on my Ph.D in nutrition it boggles my mind the information that is largely ignored about health or more accurately buried beneath fad and unhealthy diets, weight loss surgery, and so many false promises.

Simply studying for my certification in physical training during the nutrition section proved this to me. I went into the nutrition portion of classes thinking I wouldn’t agree with what they wanted me to learn (I’m vegan, plant based, and anti-processed foods). I was wrong. Most of what I preach today was typed in the pages of my textbook leaving me amazed and sad.

The science is there. It’s available free to everyone. You need more fruit and vegetables in your diet. A lot more. And it’s completely overlooked by doctors and prescribed away (or more accurately by hiding symptoms or destroying other organs) by pharmaceuticals.

For most people the research is overwhelming and they have no idea where to begin. Also most people don’t want to be vegan, my husband isn’t and the thought is terrifying. I went vegan for my health and my animal loving soul. This might not be your health journey and I’m good with that, I promise.

Diabetes (Type II)

If you read “Our Story” you know my husband was a five shot a day diabetic. He takes zero medication now and no longer even checks his blood sugar because he’s completely cured and has never felt healthier even in his twenties.

Unfortunately, we were desperate for answers and unable to get them from doctors or The American Diabetes Association. What I discovered during my hours and hours of research is Americans are more than willing to put needles in their stomach, have their feet amputated, and basically give up on living a healthy fully-functioning life just so they can continue eating the way that got them into trouble in the first place.

If that’s you, it’s okay. Everyone should be able to chose the way they die and speaking to me will be a waste of the time you have left.

If this isn’t you, I’m here to help. A free 15-minute phone call could change your life if you’re ready.

What happens after the phone call is up to you. If you decide to continue, I charge $40 per hour to help you learn about what your body really needs to heal. The free 15-minutes could be all you need. Reading my blog is free and I’m putting out info as fast as I can to help. If you feel you need one-on-one coaching, fill out the form below and I’ll set up a phone call.

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Celiac disease is near and dear to my heart because of my granddaughter. I also know what my daughter went through after Shaylee’s diagnosis and it was simply mind boggling. Their family’s entire world turned upside down and food became the enemy.

Where do you start? How much concern do you need to have about cross contamination? What about everyone else in the house and do they need to eat gluten free? OMG cancer and type I diabetes are side effects of Celiac disease and I’m terrified. The food we eat daily is all wrong and I don’t know what to do?

I do and I can help!

I offer everything from cleaning out your kitchen/home and making it gluten free and safe (with the help of the internet so I can see inside your kitchen no mater where you live), teaching you about the foods with hidden dangers for Celiac such as rice, oats, etc. Teaching you to cook great food that even kids will eat and offering advice when you run into a brick wall and want to scream. Even dealing with your child’s school when it comes to gluten contamination and your child’s health can be overwhelming.

I charge $40 per hour with a free 15-minute phone call to see if this is right for you. If you have interest, fill out the form below and I’ll schedule a phone call with you.

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