Finding the Right Nutritionist

Choosing a nutritionist who’s right for you can be a difficult process. You may also get lucky without even trying though the opposite is also true. I recommend a few important considerations.

Think of a nutritionist as a health psychologist. They will guide you, suggest helpful tools for your journey, discus your food addiction and offer helpful ways to beat the odds and be successful in your quest for health.

They should not make you feel guilty for the health you’re in. You should have open communication where you can email, text, or call when you have quick questions. It needs to be someone you can lean on when you’re having difficulties. They should work with your personal issues such as working long hours and not having time to cook from scratch, or kids at home who won’t eat anything healthy. Also your economic status should be of concern to them. It’s more expensive to eat healthy but there are ways to minimize the expense and your nutritionist needs to understand what you can and cannot afford.

A nutritionist should be someone you would consider a friend. You might ask why this is important. You need to be honest with them. If you go off the healthy eating wagon, you need to be able to talk to your nutritionist and not hide.

Another thought but not necessarily a must. Years ago, one of my co-workers (age 25) was married when he was 21 and divorced by age 22. He wanted to write a book on relationships. I kept my thoughts to myself. A year later, he went on a fad diet, lost a hundred pounds and wanted to write a weight loss book. I kept my thoughts to myself again because who am I to ruin a dream. Within six months, he was packing on the pounds. Like the Twelve Steps of AA, I feel you need a nutritionist who has lived your battles and understands what food addiction really is. And one who discovered the solution to living healthy and has a proven track record. How do you know this? Your nutritionist IS healthy.

A few extras to look for: They don’t sit behind a desk during your appointment, they don’t try to sell you supplements or suggest fad diets such as Paleo, Keto, or the Donut Diet to name a few. They like to smile and laugh.

I’m available for a FREE 30-minute consultation. I want clients/friends who are serious about fixing their health. I specialize in autoimmune diseases and believe most can be cured without medication and simply with food. Weight loss is not my number one or even number two priority. If you are healthy, the weight loss happens naturally and amazingly fast. I went from 210 to 120 pounds and have kept it off for over three years. Now that I understand nutrition, I will never go back.

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One thought on “Finding the Right Nutritionist

  1. Laura Randazzo

    I can attest to everything that Debbie has said, as well as highly recommend her as
    your nutritionist because not only is Debbie my nutritionist and has been for over 2 years now, but she is also a very dear friend who has supported me and been there for me every step of the way through my weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle journey! Over the past 2 years and with Debbie’s support, advice, guidance, knowledge as a nutritionist and compassion, I have not only lost 138 pounds, but after living with Multiple Sclerosis for over 20 years, I went into remission for the first time as of October 2019 and I’m the healthiest and the happiest I’ve EVER been at 50 years young and I truly owe it ALL to Debbie and EVERYTHING she taught and has done for me! ❤

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