The Age Appropriate Exercise Myth

I see ads all the time for “age appropriate exercises” and I want to punch something, preferably a punching bag. I began seriously working out in February 2017 at the age of 56. That’s not to say I haven’t attended the gym in the past. I’ve just never gone in with the drive to take my body as far as it could physically go.

The average client I train is 72-years-old and each and every time I work with a so called “senior” they’re amazed at what they’re actually capable of doing.

I’ve started kick boxing with my clients because for older women, boxing of any type was not something they had access too. They love it so much I’m incorporating boxing in our circuits. I take kick boxing and jujitsu lessons with men who are double my weight and nearly half my age. I try not to hurt them.

I’ve been asking my clients why they train with me. For most, they don’t want to die after sitting in a chair or laying in a bed for ten years. I feel the same way and we’re never too old to start. One of the most inspirational women at my gym is 98-years-young. She kicks butt!

Find a gym, find a trainer, find what motivates you. For me it’s testing every limit I thought I had. I want to go out kicking ass, screaming, and living every day of my life with my head held high walking on my own and running when I feel like it.

Your journey starts as soon as you make a commitment to be healthy and enjoy life. If I did it from the view of my bed, so can you!


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