How unhealthy are you?

It’s hard to look around and see an unhealthy world. I don’t look at someone overweight and think fat or lazy. I think UNHEALTHY. I worked 60 hours a week as a police detective and wrote 17 books during that time all while obese. I was not lazy!

I also think unhealthy when a thin person is filling their face with processed non-food. I know they are food addicts. I know they will die in a horrible way, possibly losing toes and feet or walking around with an oxygen tank and living their life with the inability to breathe the air the rest of us do. Being thin is no longer a protection and record numbers of “thin” people are being diagnosed with diabetes. Our unhealthiness hits me in the gut daily.

I get it!

I was unhealthy, I was obese, I was in denial.

My husband and I look back at our years of bad food choices often. We paid for it with diabetes, fatty liver, shingles on the inside of my stomach, and overall poor health that was killing us slowly. We decided to change instead of going out hard, way before our time. It’s the best decision we ever made.

I read in an article today that type 2 diabetes is not curable. I don’t even need to research the article to know it came from the pharma industry that sells insulin at an outrageous price, a medicine they tell you that you must have to live.

This is a lie.

My husband suffered with diabetes for 15 years. He topped out at 5 insulin shots per day along with pills. That doesn’t include the high blood pressure and high cholesterol medicine he was taking.

Today my husband is no longer diabetic. He no longer takes any medication. NONE! He no longer checks his blood sugar level. He no longer has pain in his feet due to neuropathy because the nerves have regrown (yes this is a thing!). He hikes and exercises and keeps me on my toes. He’s healthy and so am I.

This country is in a diabetes epidemic/crisis. It won’t go away with the current thought that eating healthy isn’t required and medicine is. The epidemic is caused by years of eating processed foods that destroy our bodies. It’s caused by the amount of animal products we now fill our bodies with, all in the name of protein that we’re eating in record amounts and is needed in much smaller amounts. We wonder… why heart disease, why lung disease, and why diabetes? But we’re not looking in our refrigerator, in our cupboards or in the fast food drive-thru. We are simply in denial.  

Cancer is at an all-time high especially in children. Heart disease runs hand in hand with diabetes. Most doctors propagate the myth. WE HAVE A PILL FOR THAT is not an answer, it’s a delay to the time you can’t walk comfortably, or breathe comfortably, or make it through a day without a shot or severe pain. If it’s cancer that gets you, it’s even worse.

One year ago today a good friend of mine passed away because of her food addiction. People die daily because they would rather eat so called “fast” food and not give up their addiction. I’m angry. I even know why eating junk food is more important than being healthy. I was there but I made a decision to change and I’ll never go back. Diets are not the answer. A complete lifestyle change is. If you have questions, reach out, read through my site, follow the links, and watch the movies. People are healing themselves each and every day without fad diets or paying for the magic pill. They are making the decision to LIVE.

You can too!


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  1. Laura Randazzo

    WOW!!! As hard as it may be for people to read this, you are absolutely right! I too was in denial for a very long time and then I was blessed and fortunate enough to have met you. Your knowledge, advice, green juice, smoothies, willingness to help and friendship saved me from myself and eating unhealthy foods. Thank you for ALL you do for so many of us!! 💜

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