Say NO to Doctors!

I know that seems harsh but it’s hard for people to tell a doctor NO.

Saying NO is made even harder when you’re ill. During a self-defense class I recently taught, one of the students said she became compliant each time she entered a doctors office and she almost died because of it. My daughter recently broke her foot. The first doctor she saw was a quack. It took a visit to another doctor to discover the bone was shattered and much worse than the original doctor diagnosed. When my husband was seriously ill, I went with him to his doctor visit because he was so sick and he knew he wouldn’t remember what to ask or what the doctor told him.

It was eye-opening.

The doctor (a specialist) barely listened to my husband. He literally wasn’t hearing us and he actually left the room when I told him the insulin was killing my husband (it was). We never went to him again. We began our journey to healthier eating and we’ve never looked back.

When I became sick (4 years after starting a Paleo diet), I finally went to the emergency room. The doctor said he would check my blood sugar level and I told him it was 90 and I’d just checked it because my husband is diabetic. His reply after taking a long look at my chubby body, “We’ll check it here, I think your problem is related to diabetes.”

I had no problem with him checking my blood sugar but at the same time, his complete disregarded for what I’d said made me angry. When my blood sugar came back at exactly 90, he was so surprised. I told him we eat a clean diet and I’m very in-tune with my body and was suffering a stomach issue which was why I was there (I’d told him this twice). He asked what medications I was taking. “None,” was my reply. He leaned back and all but rolled his eyes.

“So if I give you medication you won’t take it?” he asked condescendingly.

“If you can diagnose me with something requiring medication and there’s a good reason to take it, I will.” I was too sick to smile.

The doctor basically ignored me from then on. I sat in that little room for hours. He finally came back, said they couldn’t find anything, to follow up with another doctor and take “this.” He handed me an antacid prescription with no reasoning behind it and walked out.

When did this disconnect with doctors and patients take place?

I’ve been reading a lot about the pharmaceutical companies sponsoring medical schools and teaching doctors from day 1 how to write prescriptions for the drugs that make the pharmaceutical companies billions. It’s scary. The laws changed on doctors taking kickbacks from drug companies and it’s now illegal, but the weasels got around this by flying the doctor (sometimes his entire family) to all-inclusive vacation/conferences. When you write a large amount of prescriptions for a certain drug you can also get speaking fees along with these awesome trips to Hawaii and other paradise settings.

So how do you say NO to doctors?

Step One: start here:

This is a database of all legal kickbacks given to doctors and is mandated by the government. Check your doctors and learn to say NO by not giving your money to someone who just wants to write prescriptions without diagnosing your ailment.

Step 2: take a list of questions and a pen to mark them off with. Don’t leave until you have answers. If a doctor walks out on you without treatment because you demand he do his job, refuse to pay. Contact your insurance company and let them know the doctor didn’t treat you. YOU should never pay for a service that wasn’t performed.

Step 3: Take someone with you and have them record the visit. You can use the voice recorder on your phone.

Step 4: Write reviews on Yelp and similar sites. Also file a complaint with the medical board.

Unfortunately when we’re sick, the above steps are overwhelming. I know I’ve been there. Now that I’m healthy I’m writing those complaints. At least if someone looks, they may stay away from that doctor due to my taking the time to report what happened.

As you get healthier by drinking green juice and cleaning up your diet, you will become more in-tune with your body. It’s actually a wonderful feeling. When my stomach acts up, I go back to green juice, vegetables and fruit until the tummy issues pass. It takes about a day. I love to eat healthy but I’m not perfect and mess up from time to time.

Live long and healthy <3


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  1. Laura Randazzo

    I’ve learned so much from you and I can honestly say that everything you’ve written is absolutely true! Since I’ve been living with MS for 19 years now, I have gone through everything that Healthy Grandma has shared and it’s only because of her help and introducing me to green juice and smoothies that I feel the BEST than I ever have in 19 years and I will FOREVER be grateful!! 💜

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