Why no Grains?

I’m asked about my no-grain policy a lot.

Changing to a Paleo diet 5 years ago, cured me of my grain/carb cravings and I’ll never go back. We do however eat 2 grains: Quinoa & Teff. Both have nutrients we need and those nutrients have not been processed out. Quinoa and Teff are also minus gluten and since we live in a gluten free home, we love these.

The following Paleo blog post from Paleo Leap explains all the ins and outs and you really should read it.

Made simple: By the time wheat hits your grocery shelf as bread, cereal, and dessert mixes, there are no usable nutrients left and it’s a very unhealthy carb. Our food intake has dropped so much that there’s no way I’ll eat something that doesn’t provide the nutrients my body needs.

When we went off grain we noticed many health benefits right away.

  • say goodbye to bloating
  • say goodbye to belching
  • say goodbye to gas
  • decrease of inflammation within 7 days & we felt better overall
  • face breakouts (huge for me because even in my 40’s I suffered from skin breakouts and thought they would never go away)
  • mood (I think this one changed because we felt so much better)
  • weight loss

I lived for many years in a cattle town. Each year the grass fed beef were sent to fattening farms before the cows go to slaughter. Corn is fed to the cows for 3 months. What most people don’t know is the corn will eventually kill the cows but they’re only fed long enough to make them fat so the rancher makes more money. Did you see that word?


This is why I gave up corn. We spent the first few years of Paleo eliminating a major food type each year. Corn was one of the last to go. I would purchase organic corn meal and we would have a processing line in my kitchen in order to make batches of tortillas, 100 at a time and freeze them. We’ve always loved tacos and enchiladas. Giving up corn was hard those first few months but we learned to work around our no corn philosophy. Now we have taco bowls where we place all the ingredients into a bowl of lettuce and we love it. For enchiladas we use cauliflower in place of tortillas and make a casserole that tastes as good as the real thing. I can’t say how much we love this combo.

For our grandkids we offer peanut butter (we use almond butter) jelly, and banana sandwiches. The kids love them and they’re fast and easy to prepare just like a PB&J but so good for them. We also use lettuce to wrap lunch meat and it’s another winner for the grandkids. Remember to buy nitrate free lunch meat. I have a yucky story about store bought (very expensive) meat purchased from behind the deli counter. We’ll never make that mistake again but it’s a story for another post.

Bottom line, we’re so much healthier without grain in our lives.


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