How to Destroy a Lemon with Black Mold

My granddaughter, Shaylee, with Celiac Disease has an upset stomach today. On the search to discover the cause, I came across this article about citric acid. You know, that natural stuff that comes out of fruit. It’s no longer natural and it’s no longer made from fruit. Try black mold because we all want to eat black mold, right?

I’ve known the evils of citric acid for awhile now but this is a well-written article that will help you make up your own mind.

When you feed sugars to black mold (usually corn syrup) it creates citric acid and it’s much cheaper than using natural lemon so why not save a few cents when you mass produce food?

The most common place citric acid is found is all processed foods. But, the saddest of them all is baby food.

Shaylee’s mom is putting her back on strictly green juice and we’re hoping she’s better by tomorrow. She went 15 days without a problem (first time pain free in 2 1/2 years since Celiac diagnosis) but a little dried organic fruit with citric acid added did her in. Tomorrow I’ll make some yummy grandma candy and send it to her. It’s 100% grandma guaranteed because I make it myself and see everything in it. I’ll post the recipe soon.

The citric acid made with black mold is conveniently organic. Remember my motto: If you need to read a label, think twice.



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