Aches and Pains: Try some ginger

I’m 57 years old and I haven’t treated my body well for at least 40 of those years. From extreme hiking (the Grand Canyon, twice) to fight training for my job, I tend to push the limits. The new discovery in our home is ginger and turmeric. I’ll be honest, we can’t get the natural turmeric here so my daughter brought us some on her last visit. I really didn’t notice a difference with the turmeric added but I’ll use it while I have some. Ginger is our gold and we drink it each morning. Within five minutes of downing the liquid gold, our aches and pains disappear. It’s a hot drink going down but I love it.


2 oranges (3 if small)

6 carrots

4 inches fresh ginger

4 inches fresh turmeric (exclude if fresh isn’t available)

I place the ginger and turmeric in the juicing chute and add an orange on top before I juice. I add the next orange and finish. You do need to cut the peal off the oranges. Don’t worry about the rind or seeds, the juicer will handle them. Last, you have orange peel which is extremely healthy. Search online and you will find tons of suggestions from bug spray to skin benefits.

Enjoy your juice!

**Ginger can cause trouble if taken in excess. 4 ml per day is the recommended dose for adults (I found the recommended dosage through a Google search and haven’t substantiated it).


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