Vegan BBQ Ribs

Why miss out on grilling? We grill all year around, even in the snow, but since I've become vegan, we seem to be doing less and less of it. When we do, it's grilled veggies for me. My husband tends to go my way and have a veggie wedgie burger or just my veggies. Last … Continue reading Vegan BBQ Ribs

Grain Free Soft Tortillas

I simply love these wraps and use them for tofu scramble burritos, in place of bread, and simply as a quick snack all by themselves. Ingredients   Spinach Wrap 1 cup chick pea flour 1/2 cup tapioca flour Handful of spinach, washed 1 1/8 cups water **Teflon pan (You must have a good Teflon pan … Continue reading Grain Free Soft Tortillas

Veggie Wedgy Burger

This summer barbecue favorite has turned into a staple in our home. Even my husband gives up steak and eats these veggie wedgies. Ingredients: 1 cup chickpeas soaked over night or 1 can 1/2 cup tri-colors quinoa (I haven't tried with plain quinoa 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 to 3 tablespoons water Spices (spice to … Continue reading Veggie Wedgy Burger

Apple Pie to Die For

Just in time for Thanksgiving, I'm making gluten, grain, and egg free apple pie. It's supper simple and tastes great. Start with easy peasy pie crust made in your Ninja or food processor. Pie Crust: 1 1/4 cup almond flour 1 tablespoon coconut flour 4 tablespoons palm oil or ghee, or butter (melted) 1 tablespoon … Continue reading Apple Pie to Die For

Why Give Up French Fries?

One of the things about becoming healthy is all the foods you must give up. I've had a love hate relationship with French fries my entire life. My taste buds love them and my hips hate them. Potatoes are something we try to stay away from and there are several reasons but I think the … Continue reading Why Give Up French Fries?

Growing Herbal Tea in My Garden and Kitchen

I love my garden and spend many hours outside pruning, watering, and fertilizing. I need to feel nature and my plants takes me there. I began growing herbs that can be used to make teas a few years ago. Lemon balm is one of my favorites. I'll actually eat a leaf when walking past the … Continue reading Growing Herbal Tea in My Garden and Kitchen

Stay Healthy and Eat Cake

One of the things I love about healthy eating is guilt-free dessert. On an average day, I drink green juice when I wake up. Have two shots of ginger orange an hour later, and another shot of green juice before heading to the gym. Two hours later I come home and shower then sit down … Continue reading Stay Healthy and Eat Cake